@ Silverlake Lounge - Dec., 2016 - photo: Isaac Heckert

@ Silverlake Lounge - Dec., 2016 - photo: Isaac Heckert

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

I'm packing dusty plastic bins full of bright colors, sequins, and faux fur, as I head to the Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada for the seventh consecutive year. This summer has brought a lot of work and fun, in both film and music.

Yesterday, I finished singing vocals on my second solo album, Hello, Dalí. Today, mastering begins on the new indie dance band album I've been working on with long-time friends. This morning, I'm wrapping up the post production for a online sports community launch I directed last week.

The eclipse came and went, and like a long blink, things went back to normal after a momentary pause in our repetitious lives. I am grateful to be completing a flurry of projects at this particular point in my life, and am excited about the new sunshine on the horizon.


I want to help educate the world, especially Northern Americans, about sustainable forestry, best management practices, controlled burning, and tree farming. I'd love to license music to organizations in these areas of focus, as well as produce film and video content for messaging that carries the same ethos, outreach, and educational goals.

I live one block from Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles, and continue to experience the homelessness from the rest of the country arriving here. I believe in affecting one person at a time, and my dear friend, Scott Prentice, who ran the City of San Francisco's outreach program for the homeless for years, is living testament to that. I'd like to become more involved with musical therapy for people on Skid Row and play more free shows this year. Please reach out if you are in that field. 


I've been broadening my understanding of cryptocurrencies and sales funnels, and welcome any new materials on both subjects. I also really want to return to Costa Rica - specifically to my friends' place in Uvita - so I'm looking for film and live music opportunities in and around Central and Southern America this fall and winter.