@ Silverlake Lounge - Dec., 2016 - photo: Isaac Heckert

@ Silverlake Lounge - Dec., 2016 - photo: Isaac Heckert

Sunday, March 4th, 2018

I'm about to head to my friend and colleague's first son's 100 day celebration of life, in the tradition of his fiancĂ©'s Korean heritage, and it makes me think of what amazing things can be created and grown in 100 days - like a little baby boy. I know human life is incomparable to tasks and accomplishments, but it is beautiful to be reminded of how great works are made up of tiny decisions and actions. 


I want to help educate the world, especially Northern Americans, about sustainable forestry, best management practices, controlled burning, and tree farming. I'd love to license music to organizations in these areas of focus, as well as produce film and video content for messaging that carries the same ethos, outreach, and educational goals. 

I've begun the paperwork to create my 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Made Marion Foundation, and the grant writing process has been both arduous and rewarding, and I am feeling more closely linked to the reason for creating my art more than ever. 

I live one block from Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles, and continue to experience the homelessness from the rest of the country arriving here. I believe in affecting one person at a time, and my dear friend, Scott Prentice, who ran the City of San Francisco's outreach program for the homeless for years, is living testament to that. I'd like to become more involved with musical therapy for people on Skid Row and play more free shows this year. Please reach out if you are in that field. 

Scott is a grant writer these days, and he is working with me to create programs through Made Marion Foundation to serve youth and other underserved groups throughout the US, as we seek to provide experiences and education in sustainable living, sustainable forestry, and sustainable art communities. 


Since my last post, I've continued cryptocurrency eduction, and a took beautiful trip to Uvita, Costa Rica, both of which I put out to the Universe on this page as things I sought. So, this time, I'll go for more -  I wish to learn from and network with philanthropic circles, specifically in the following areas: forestry / natural resource management, sustainable home life, construction, and design, and interactive educational experiences focusing on film and music.